COVID-19 Information

Are there any delays in shipping? 

There are no more delays within North America and internationally, all shipping times have been updated at checkout and are presently accurate. 

If you have any questions regarding the impact of COVID-19 and your delivery please email us at for the fastest response (within 24 hours) 

There are still a few delays regarding post offices as they are congested due to the sheer amount of packages needed to processes and the lack of workforce during COVID-19. We have linked some official statements from each postal office that does our last leg shipments. 


Canada Post

Australia Post

Deustche Post 

New Zealand Post 

Sadly, local post office delays are beyond our control and this is something that all of us have to wait through for the sake of our health and also ensuring the safety of postal workers. Once again, thank you for your patience and we hope you receive your order soon! 

Are the products safe from COVID-19? 

Our products are safe and will not spread COVID-19. So far, there is no proof that COVID-19 can survive on package surfaces and regardless will not survive due to the shipping duration. Even so, we still recommend you to wash your hands immediately after handling any package to ensure your safety and health. 

Feel free to also refer to this article for further information on the safety of your packages:

Thank you so much for supporting our store and we hope to do our best for your satisfaction!